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Helpfull Art Tutorials and Resources

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✧ Digital Art Hardware ✧ 

‚úß Getting Started ‚úß

Proko: Great educational youtube channel with tutorial on many subjects including fundamentals, very well explained! Great place to start as a beginner or to improve skills at any level. Relevant for traditional & Digital Artists

Onepixelbrush Tutorials by Shaddy Safadi:¬†Great tutorial series for people starting out in Photoshop. Great general knowledge about art/industry/learning mindset. ¬†Watch Videos #0 through #8 in order & Download ‚ÄúShad Brush Set‚ÄĚ To use along with tutorial (top right of website)

✧ Improving Skills ✧

Marco Bucci: 

Atey Ghailan AKA Snatti89:

Will Terry:

Dave Greco:

James Gurney- Watercolor/Gouache painter and great teacher! Youtube: 

(A favorite video on his youtube channel about brushwork: )

Gumroad Tutorials: (Painting in the Wild is my favorite)

Jeremy Fenske:

Feng Zhu:

Jordan Grimmer: Digital Environment Painting

Alphonso Dunn: 

Great traditional drawing and inking tutorials! 

Sinix Design:

Ahmed Aldoori:

Level Up Sessions:

Victor Staris:

Swatches: Youtube channel of artist Clint Cearley:

Mark Brunet: Cubebrush tutorials/market:


Borodante: Jordan Grimmer:

Chris Oatley: 

Lena Rivo: Sign up for the newsletter on her site to be sent a very helpful gouache beginners guide.


Tiffanie Mang:

Aaron Blaise: 


Anime-Style Art Tutorials and Lots of Tablet/Art tool reviews!

Justin Donaldson: Wonderful gouache/Poster color tutorials!

Minnie Small: Awesome art/creative channel with relaxing vibes.

Mateusz Urbanowicz:

Malcolm Dewey: Traditional Painting

Chamberlain Paintings: Traditional Painting

✧ Online schools ✧  

Schoolism:  (Favorite course: Landscape Sketching in Watercolor and Gouache with Nathan Fowkes but there are many great ones!)

Artstation Learning:

Society of Visual Storytelling: Run by artists  Will Terry, Lee White, and Jake Parker, with focus on children’s illustration.

Watts Atelier:

Learn Squared: Oatley Academy:

CG Master Academy:

‚úß Books ‚úß

Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers by  Marcos Mateu-Mestre: - Guide to visual storytelling and composition design.  

Light for Visual Artists: Understanding & Using Light in Art & Design by Richard Yot (Book)

Check out the Color and Light tutorial on his website:

Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter By James Gurney

Composition of Outdoor Painting By Edgar Payne

How to Draw Portraits in Charcoal By Nathan Fowkes  

How to Paint Landscapes Quickly and Beautifully in Watercolor and Gouache By Nathan Fowkes:

Figure Drawing: Design and Invention By Michael Hampton:

Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth By Andrew Loomis

✧ Figure drawing practice sessions & Anatomy Reference  ✧  

Draw This! 


Croquis Cafe:


New Master’s Academy: (Also check the other playlists/videos on this channel for some good tutorial stuff!)  



Quick Sketch Figure Drawing: 

Nude and Non-Nude:


Nude and Non-Nude:


Nude and Censored:


Skull Reference Images:

Planes of the Head Images:

Planes of the Head 3D Model:

✧ Virtual Plein Air Environment Practice  ✧

What is Virtual Plein Air? Check the video below!

How to Study Art Part 1: Virtual Plein Air Landscape Painting  youtube video by Jon Torres

Find reference for Virtual Plein Air painting:

Virtual Plein Air Facebook Group:

‚úß My Brush Sets: ‚úß

Free Brushes:

Basic painting set(Free): Painterly style brushes(Free):

Custom Brushes & Tutorials:

✧ Other Good Brush Sets: ✧

Shaddy Safadi:


Greg Rutkowski:

Jeremy Fenske: (Brushes and other good tutorials)


Aaron Blaise:

‚úß Reference/stock photos ‚úß

Pexels: Free to use Images

Unsplash:  Free to use Images

Pixabay:   Free to use Images

Photobash: Awesome selection of Royalty free photo reference packs for purchase (some free packs available too)

Artstation Marketplace:

Adorka Stock (Formerly SenshiStock):


✧ Art Talks/Inspiring Podcasts and Impactful Videos ✧

Failing Your Way to Success with Dave Rapoza: Getting Better Faster - Painting with 80/20 Rule (video) - Proko Jake Parker (video)-  The 10,000 Minutes Rule?

Matt D’avella Ground Up Show Ep 045 (video) - Reject Perfection w/ Caroline Lee

One Fantastic Week:

Draftsmen Podcast:

Art Cafe:

Level Up!:

Green Renaissance:

✧ Inspiring or Relaxing Ambient Music and Sounds ✧

Ambient Worlds:

The Guild of Ambience:

Cafe Music:

Winter Whale ASMR:

Noisili: Customize a mix relaxing background noises

A Soft Murmur: More customizeable noises

Rainy Mood:


* Links to books are amazon affiliate links

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